About Magnet Schools

Five Pillars of Magnet Schools

As a magnet school, we are supported and strengthened by the five pillars of magnet schools - diversity, innovativestudents smiling curriculum and professional development, academic excellence, leadership and family and community partnerships.

STEAM magnet schools benefit all students.

Our magnet schools have no academic entrance requirements, allowing all students to experience the rigor, exposure and creativity provided by a magnet program.


Diversity is a cornerstone that offers students a global educational experience, which includes equity and access for every child creating a foundation for successful magnet schools. Through marketing, recruitment strategies, and a balanced selection process, schools strive to generate student populations that are reflective of their communities. School choice provides educational environments that model empathy, respect, collaboration, and inclusion of all cultures.

Innovative Curriculum and Professional Development

Innovative Curriculum and Professional Development is developed to assure theme-based relevant instruction to students. Emulating best practices, effective teaching strategies are implemented through the inclusion of each school’s theme. Curriculum is based on high-quality rigorous standards that prepare students for higher education and career success.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence is demonstrated through a commitment to multi-dimensional instruction focused on student needs. Multiple assessment strategies are employed to monitor student learning, progress, and success. High expectations are clearly articulated and personalized instructional supports are in place to address the interests and aspirations of all students. In addition, positive peer support, an outgrowth of mixing middle-class and low-income students, has been instrumental in encouraging students to dream bigger and be more engaged in school.


Leadership at the school and district level is demonstrated by a commitment to continuous collaboration and monitoring by administrators for effective magnet school organization and systemic improvements. Leadership is rooted in well-educated professional educators. Decisions about hiring, budgets, training, and pathways are collaborative and focus on the sustainability of high-quality instructional systems.

Magnet School Advisory Council: Coming soon!


▪ The School Impact Team is made up of a cross-section of school/community stakeholders and will ensure that school stakeholders have and feel ownership in supporting youth success
▪ The School Impact Team’s vision for the school should be a product of collaboration, that helps identify assets and reflects the needs and desires of families, staff, and the community