Social-Emotional Learning for Every Student

Advocacy/Care Centers support student self-regulation and de-escalation.

Move This World, teaches self-regulating strategies incorporated throughout the day in:

  • Morning Meeting
  • Closing Circle
  • Small Group Sessions
  • Peace corners in each classroom
  • Academics

Video Resources

Watch student and family support videos from MNPS.

The Connect Videos by MNPS Counseling

  • Restorative Practices

    Restorative Practices at the Tier 1 level build healthy school communities through the development of explicit school-wide and classroom norms, expectations, and procedures for all stakeholders. Restorative Practice schools create a paradigm shift through intentional practices that refocus traditional discipline approaches to responses that promote accountability through intervention strategies that are supported at all tier levels.

    Core Practices

    • Restorative Staff Community
    • Clear expectations, norms, and procedures
    • Affective Statements and Language
    • Restorative Questions
    • Restorative Chats
    • Proactive/Responsive Circles
    • Student Voice
    • Fair Process
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

    The aim of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports training is to assist schools develop an implementation guide to create the systems needed to support a safe, positive, and predictable learning environment where positive behavior is taught and encouraged and discipline is managed through a consistent school-wide plan.

    Core Practices

    • School-wide expectations and procedures
    • Lesson plans to explicitly teach expectations across settings
    • Acknowledgment system for students and faculty
    • Comprehensive and consistent discipline plan for addressing problem behaviors
    • Data-based problem solving

Student Opportunities

  • CLEM Library Catalog
  • Student Council for 3rd and 4th Grade Leaders
  • STEAM Clubs
  • Girl Scouts 
    • (Contact Mrs. Frierson or Mrs. Cornelius)